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Nearly 1,000 young people graduate from Rite of Passage programs each year. Despite the challenges these youth have encountered, they are resilient and strive to improve their lives for the better. Rite of Passage and its community partners and supporters are committed to each student’s success – both during and after graduating from the program. If you would like to join us in improving the lives of youth, please consider making a donation to the Passageway Scholarship Foundation.

Two Ways to Give

  1. Provide funds for scholarships for vocational schools, community colleges, or universities.
    100% of all donations go directly to students’ tuition and/or books.

  2. Or support our new athletic and experiential learning initiative — Tour de Youth.  
    100% of these donations will go toward resources, gear, and food for the cross-country cycling experience.

When making your donation, select the fund that you prefer to support.

In order to respect the privacy of our scholarship recipients, donors, members, staff, and volunteers, it is the policy of Passageway Scholarship Foundation to not disclose or discuss information that is confidential and/or privileged and proprietary in nature to anyone without permission.